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Red Clay Hill Park

Bike Pump Track
Ride Responsibly

  • Use Facility at your own risk

    • You assume all risk and responsibility for use of this facility 

  • Safety First!

    • Children eight (8) years and under MUST be accompanied by an adult​

    • Helmets are required- no exceptions

    • You must perform a safety check of your bike and gear before riding

    • Be Courteous

    • If there is more than one rider on the track, all riders MUST ride in the same direction and maintain a safe distance between each rider to prevent collisions

  • Bikes only

    • No dogs, scooters, skateboards, or motorized vehicles allowed (including Remote-Controlled Vehicles)​

    • Pedestrians must stay off the track and track features

  • Be Courteous

    • You must always call out when passing someone​

    • Yield to younger and less experienced riders

    • No loud music, use of profanity, deliberately offensive conduct, or any other disturbance of peace is allowed

  • Riding the Track

    • Ride it, don't slide it - stay on track and don't skid out​

    • No stopping in the middle of the tracks or where visibility is limited, standing is only permitted outside of the track

    • Know the course - Conditions can change frequently so always inspect where you're riding

    • Stay in control, only ride the portion of the track that is within your abilities

    • Don't ride alone

  • Not Allowed

    • Possession, use or consumption of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited ​

    • Vandalizing, building or modifying the track and features is prohibited 

Any use of equipment and the facility is at your own risk. The Navajo Townsite Community Development Corporation does not supervise the use of this equipment and shall not be liable for any harm or personal injury resulting from the use of this facility, including the bike pump track features.

In an emergency, call 911 or Navajo Nation Police Department 928-871-6111.

To report bike pump track concerns or need for repairs, contact, Navajo Townsite Community Development Corporation 505-777-2245

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