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Why build parks?

NTCDC is working to help create an inviting and safe Navajo, New Mexico for not only residents but visitors. We found that parks improve a community in addition to providing safe & healthy spaces for children and families to recreate, connect with nature  and each other & enjoy the outdoors. Parks also help improve the air quality, provide vegetative buffers that help prevent erosion, the prevention of flooding, and the protection of groundwater and help beautify a community.

It is with this in mind that NTCDC is working to bring these amenities to our communities.

How are we paying for this?

We are seeking grants and community development funds used to build parks and recreational areas. We anticipate the process will be slow and steady as we seek the funds to create our pocket parks.  We will phase in the parks over several years which will allow us to learn how to care, operate and maintain parks spaces.

Pocket Park Conceptual Designs

NTCDC Community Wellness Plan_FINAL-page-0.jpg
NTCDC Red Clay Schematic_FINAL.jpg
NTCDC Community Wellness Plan_FINAL-page-3.jpg
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NTCDC Community Wellness Plan_FINAL-page-1.jpg
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